6 Awesome STEM Websites for High School Kids

engineering-at care

The CARE Foundation has compiled some awesome STEM websites for High School Youth to explore! We’ll keep you posted on everything from: games, contests, apps to career advice. We are ready to MOTIVATE you! #IAMMOTIVATION

6 STEM Websites for High School Kids

Arrick Robotics: Interested in robotics? If you’re looking for robotics resources, this is the place to be. Includes lists of competitions and contests, groups and clubs, games and simulation.

Codeacademy: Here it is! Learn to code interactively (and for free). Codeacademy offers coding classes in major programming languages like Python, PHP, jQuery, JavaScript and Ruby!

DiscoverE: Thinking about a career engineering? DiscoverE has a selection of resources on careers, preparing for college and research schools. You might also want to check out their list of videos, trips, websites and hands-on activities.

Mu Alpha Theta: Also known as the National High School and Two-Year College Mathematics Honor Society, Mu Alpha Theta has over 100,000 student members. It organizes a national math convention, offers special awards and provides competitions.

Student Science: A central spot for science news, blogs, resources and information about Intel competitions. Sample article titles include “Native ‘snot’” and “A library with no books”.

TechRocket: This is a really neat tool for exploring programming languages, 2D and 3D game design, and more!


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