Sports Character and XSEL Rugby!

Sports Character Program, Rugby!

Special thanks to Baton Rouge Rugby Club for partnering with The C.A.R.E. Foundation within our Sports Character Program (XSEL). Here is day 2 of Rugby at Gardere Initituive. The youth really enjoyed this sport and comradeship. ~John Westly Stewart


The Sign of the Times


Yes. This is an actual sign posted in a business. The reactions to it range from enthusiasm to utter rage.  Whatever a person may feel about a this direct message– there is something undeniable that pricks the heart…

Society does hold it’s parents accountable for our kids behavior. Period.

We are a part of being proactive and offering solutions to concerns about good Sports Character. We help youth embrace the “We Can Do It” attitude that impacts the communities they live in.

The C.A.R.E. Foundation greatly appreciate your support to programs like ours that remain dedicated to working with youth and parents.

“Empower the Person. Impact the World.”